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Bylla the Elephants Story – Buddy Active
Bylla Plush Elephant Pillow

Bylla the Elephants Story

Chapter 1

“Bino! It’s time to go!”, roared Bylla. Bino, her daughter, shouted “coming” as she stampeded down the house, burst through the door, and jumped into the car. Bylla really enjoyed being so fast and busy. Her job each day was to run through the fields to the clans watering hole and bring water back. Bylla was a very well respected elephant in her clan because she always got the job done, even while having one of the hardest tasks of running back and forth everyday. Because Bylla was praised so much for being busy and fast she didn’t spend too much time talking with her daughter Bylla.

Chapter 2

After a busy day Bylla brought Bino home. At the dinner table Bino was so excited with all the new friends she made that day. “This bear named Buddy came in and asked why there was a chocolate hanging from the ceiling! It was so funny!” Bino shared. Because Bylla prided herself in staying busy she was moving around the kitchen flipping pans from her nose trunk into the dishwasher. Bino had been so excited to share about her day but felt hurt when Bylla was too busy to listen carefully. Bino felt like she was talked to a wall.

Chapter 3

Bylla stayed busy throughout Bino’s school year and because Bino was such a happy daughter, she never knew that Bino really wanted to have quality time with just her and her mother. One day Bino had the courage to tell her mother her feelings. “Mommy, how come we never spend time talking? You’re always so busy when I talk to you”. Bino said. Bylla stopped in her tracks and realized that her way of loving Bino was to feed her, drive her to school, and do things for her. But what Bylla didn’t realize until that moment was that Bino considered love to be spending quality time with her. Flooded with gratitude, Bylla said “Bino, thank you for letting me know! You know I love you, how about this, we’ll go out on a mother daughter date every month.” Bylla had learned a lesson, her form of love was not what Bino called love.

The End

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