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Bino the Elephants Story – Buddy Active

Bino the Elephants Story

Chapter 1

“Bino! It’s time to go!”, roared mother (Bylla). Bino shouted “coming” as she stampeded down the house, burst through the door, and jumped into the car. When they arrived at school Bino blew her loud nose as she stomped into Kindergarten. The other kids laughed and felt comfortable around Bino instantly. As Bino sat down and unpacked at her desk the children around her told her how funny she was. All the other children seemed so friendly to Bino that she made friends with everyone!

Chapter 2

Bino came home so excited at all the new friends she made that day. “This bear named Buddy came in and asked why there was a chocolate hanging from the ceiling! It was so funny!” Bino shared to her parents at the dinner table. Her parents were busy roaring and snorting water up their trunks. Bino had been so excited to share about her day but felt hurt when her parents were too busy.

Chapter 3

As the school year went on Bino made many more friends and had a great time playing and learning. Every time Bino came home she felt unloved because her parents didn’t have time to listen to her. Bino’s parents really loved Bino but were too busy with work to sit down and listen to her. At school Buddy the bear told Bino she was so lucky that everyone liked her and wished he was in her shoes. Bino just laughed and thought, “No Buddy, you really don’t.” Being one of Buddy’s best friends, Bino knew that even though Buddy wasn’t as popular as Bino, Buddy had many best friends who really cared for Buddy. It seemed like Bino was friends with everybody, but she had few close best friends. On top of that Buddy had very loving and caring parents who spent the time with him.

Chapter 4

As the year was ending Bino had the courage to ask her mother, Bylla, why she never had time to talk to her. “aww Bino, *hug* you know we love you. How about this, I’ll set up a date with you once every month.” Bylla said. Bino joyfully agreed and realized sometimes you have to sit down and have a conversation about your feelings rather than bottling up your feelings.

The End

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