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Buddy the Teddy Bear’s Story – Buddy Active
Buddy the curious Teddy Bear gazes beyond

Buddy the Teddy Bear’s Story

Chapter 1

Buddy, a fearless brown teddy bear, was so excited for his first day of school! “Mom, Mom!” he cried tugging at her rosy dress. Do you think there will be other bears like us? His mom smiled at Buddy knowing her son was a curious bear and said, you’ll see honey. She gave Buddy a big hug as she dropped him off at the kindergarten class. When Buddy entered the classroom he was surprised at all the decorations in the classroom. There were red and white candy cane light poles, animal shaped chairs, large brown slabs of tree as desks, and even candy hanging from the ceiling! Buddy, in amazement, said aloud; why is there a big chocolate bar hanging from the Wall Mrs Eve? Everybody in the classroom laughed. Some of the children thought it was a funny question to ask while others laughed at him because they were all thinking the same thing but only Buddy was bold enough to ask. Buddy walked to his desk embarrassed thinking that everyone was laughing and making fun at him.

Chapter 2

“How was school honey?” said mother. Buddy was responded sadly, “Everyone laughed at me for asking why there was a chocolate bar on the ceiling”. His mother gave Buddy a very warm bear hug and assured him that it was only the beginning of school, and everything would get better. Buddy’s father looked at his son and said, “Son, we bears have thick skin, you’ll be alright”. Feeling better from his parents assurance Buddy went to sleep hopeful for everything to turn out better.

Chapter 3

At school Buddy would look at the other children to see what they were doing and how they acted. He had learned to fit in with them so he would not attract attention but inside he felt locked away. As if he had put his own self in a cage and acted the way other people wanted to act. Nobody noticed Buddy anymore and he got along well with all his classmates. But as the school year went on Buddy would see Bino the elephant gain popularity for being so bold and funny. He wondered why she got attention and was loved by all the classmates and he was unnoticed. As Buddy went home that day he asked his mother why this was. “Buddy, you have to learn to be you. Act the way you feel like acting. Even if you make mistakes or do something wrong, you can learn and grow from it” his mother replied. Buddy went to sleep thinking about what his mother said.

Chapter 4

As the next day came around what Buddy’s mother had spoken to him, he had listened. When Buddy got curious over why the chocolate bar on the ceiling turned purple he asked the teacher. The kids laughed at him again but Buddy didn’t care, his heart told him he wanted to know and he was being himself. At recess the other children started to approach Buddy and wanted to be friends with him. Part confused Buddy accepted their friendship and played with them. It was then that Bino the elephant approached Buddy and told him he was a funny but friendly bear. They played on the swings and before they knew it, recess had ended.

Chapter 5

As Buddy discussed what had happened that day to his mother he realized the children had not disliked him. They really were happy that he asked the questions he asked. It all made sense to him now! As Buddy went through the school year he became known as the friendly curious bear. People loved Buddy because they too wanted to ask the questions he had asked, but were too afraid to ask. Buddy had learned an important lesson in life. Be yourself no matter what others think, and don’t think you know what other people think about you. Trust your heart and live life your way.

The End

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